About web system

System supports an activity of a group conversant of photovoltaics in the Department of Electrotechnology, FEL CTU. The system is made for gathering of data collected in solar panels. Another part of the system - CMS system, support communication between users of system, enable publication of their articles and support e-learning.

Solar panels
Solar Panels
In this part of application you can browse data obtained from solar panels installed on the roof of FEL CTU building. Maesured data are displayed in the form of graphs or tables. You can view daily, monthly and yearly data.
Here can registered user publish his own articles. It is possible to publish yet written article (e.g. in .pdf or .doc file format), or to write here and save a new one directly
Here can registered users start a new discussion phorum and reply to placed posts
In this part of application you can share or temporary save files, related to problematic of solar energy.
Links list, which can be changed by registered users.
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